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Life, for some its to enjoy, for some to eat, for some to while away, bt for my doctor sunaina, its to relieve others of their pain n agony.pple say god is invisible, bt I say, my doctor is my god.after losing hope in the best of medicines, she came in my life as a boon who touched n miracles happened.years of struggle of my daughter from eczema n skin problems faced by me, I came across homeopathy, and the master of it, dr sunaina.it chgd me n my life completely.u may argue homeopathy isn't quick, bt trust me, its a lot more worth n quick than the years u spent worrying abt the disease itself.

Innumerable thank you's may seem less to describe her and her work, coz giving someone a new ray of life isn't an easy job.

I am really very grateful to u dearest doctor sunaina, for helping me come through these tough times and alwz being der 24/7, 365 days a year.

Also a humble request to all, to please believe in homeopathy

Unlike alopathy, there's only one side effect, and dat is dat pple wil envy u wen u say m stress free, disease free, wid a broad smile on ur face!

All thx to Dr sunaina! V love you.keep up the good work!

-Ms Kavitha Paryani,Curacao.



Thank you Dr. Sunaina for the treatment. Even though I have not met you personally and all consultations were done over the phone, your treatment has been very effective and helped me get rid of my Acne which has been persistent for the last 15 years and many medicines . Thank you once again..."

Ms.Anchu Patani, Curacao.




I have been suffering from acute skin allergy . I tried Allopathy medicines for 2 months and I was told that it may take 6 months to 5 years for the allergy to subside. It was then that I got to know about Dr.Sunaina from my Aunt who has been consulting Mitr Homeopathy for a long time. It has been 4 months that I have been taking homeopathic medicine and my Allergy has come done drastically . Starting with taking the medicine every hour to thrice a day now ,it is completely under control. She has been very friendly ( once she offered to send her assistant to my house to deliver the medicine when I could not go on time due to some bandh ) and had given me good counselling too . My overall experience has been very very positive.

Thank you…

Ms.Srivalli Bala, Hyd.



Three years back I suffered from severe Asthma. The attacks used to come between 3 - 5 A.M. daily and I used to virtually stop breathing. I was taking Asthalin inhaler to get some relief by pumping some oxygen into my lungs. It was so bad that every morning I used to feel as if it was my last. It started getting worse. Any strong smell, use of mosquito repellents like Good Knight, incense and even hair dye would trigger off bad attacks.I started going to Dr. Sunaina at her Mitr Homeo Clinic in West Marredpally. She was extremely patient and concerned. She started her treatment by slowly monitoring and controlling the dosage and potency of medicines. I am now back to normal. Those horrible attacks are a thing of the past. Praise God for this.I am continuing my treatment under Dr. Sunaina but it is basically to monitor and weed out  Asthmacompletely from my system. I am certain that if at all anyone who can get me rid off Asthma completely, it is only Dr Sunaina. My heartfelt thanks for her sincerity.
Thank you for all your help as a Doctor and as a confidant.You have helped me tremendously..God Bless You and keep up the good work.

Ms.Sheila Jaikumar, Hyd.




My daughter was suffering from Acute Upper Respiratory Allergy from the age of 2. I visited many Allopathy, but could not get a cure for her, as it would surface with change in climate. Then someone  recommended me, Mitr Homeopathy.
It was in 2006 December, I first visited Mitr. It's now 8 years, since I am using their medicines for my daughter. There is a remarkable difference in her health.
I am very satisfied by their medicines, and the prompt response, when I need them the most.

Ms.Aruna Chari, Abhu Dhabi.



·  Mitr Homeopathy is one of the premier homeopath at Hyderabad.

·  I can say it is cure for sure. 

· Our family persons got treatment from Mitr and the medicines were very effective  for varsity   ailments.The recovery phase is also pretty faster.

·  As the brand suggest it is friendly to you to cure all  your ailments.

Ms.Kalpana Anantaram, Hyd.




‘Foremost the service at Mitr Homeopathy stands out for the Trust, Belief and Assurance it brings to ailing patients, who walk out with correct diagnosis and right medication for their sustained medical condition.
I have had received very prompt treatment from Dr.Sunaina at all times and more importantly I was able to consult her anytime over phone or email while I’m living abroad and it has given me lot of courage during those gloomy days after speaking to doctor. I was confident that my problem will be cured!

Furthermore, I am very very pleased with the treatment and the quick recovery my mother had for the severe medical problem that she had suffered for months before consulting Dr. Sunaina, whose treatment cured the problem in few weeks and it was like sunshine days again into our lives. Thank you for all your service.’

All the best!

Mr. Sandeep, UK.


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